Achieving your Goals

"As an NCAS Accredited Coach I go beyond teaching skills. As a coach I want to help you to achieve your goals... which may take us beyond just a lesson. My priority is to help you to become more confident, improve your horse skills, improve your riding skills, correct bad habits, help you to set goals, help you to achieve them, and above all to develop a supportive relationship that you can trust.

" Young or more mature, you are just as important to me whether you want to become an elite equestrian, or just want to get more enjoyment from your horse.

"As a 'horse advocate' I always consider the horse's comfort and well-being, and believe that all training and husbandry should be based on 'evidence-based' techniques that combine observable results and latest scientific research... abuse, cruelty and harsh equipment are unacceptable.

“I am also the creator and administrator of ‘your horse resource’:"

Kerri Pitts